Improving the skills of searching and stalking game and losing weight
Often owners of spaniels are faced with the problem of being overweight in their pets. The danger of obesity and the most effective methods for losing weight spaniel will be…

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Character, upbringing and training of the English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniels are curious, knowledgeable shustriks with a friendly, but by no means weak character. They will appreciate and obey the owner by default, but they will not allow…

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Pregnancy and childbirth in a dog
Before every dog ​​breeder, sooner or later the question arises: do you want to knit or not to knit a dog ?? Before you bind your pet, think about what…

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Cocker Spaniel Diseases

Cocker Spaniel breed features
Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized dogs that have a strong physique with well-developed muscles and strong legs. Pets are very active, energetic, have developed intellect, are easily trained. The weight of the pet varies between 12-15 kg, the height at the withers is 38-41 cm.

A cocker spaniel may have health problems due to a lack of physical activity, as well as improper nutrition or overfeeding (dogs of this breed are prone to overeating). Continue reading

Excerpts from the standard.

General form:
The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest representative of a dog-friendly (hunting) group of dogs. With a sturdy compact body and a proportional noble head that blends harmoniously with the overall silhouette of the dog. Cocker is a high-ranking dog, he stands firmly on his straight forelimbs; the apex slightly descends from the withers to a strong, muscular croup. He is able to develop significant speed in combination with great stamina. First of all, a cocker should be mobile and cheerful, strong, harmoniously built and active when working in the exhibition ring. A dog harmonious in all respects is preferable than with pronounced advantages and disadvantages. Continue reading


The coat is straight, silky, never stiff, and also not curly, with suspensions of sufficient length on all four limbs (on the back to the hock), not too plentiful and formed by straight hair.
The most diverse. In monochromatic only a white spot on the chest is allowed.


On the head – the coat is short, thin; on the body – a straight, tight-fitting or slightly raised, silky to the touch, medium length, with undercoat sufficient to maintain temperature and provide protection from environmental influences. Continue reading

Weight control and keeping puppies active
One of the most common problems in dogs is obesity. However, this problem can be avoided and thereby improve the quality of life of the dog, if you pay attention…


Maintenance and care.
Dogs require some care, it should be understood that this breed of dog will not be able to live on the street, as they are quite demanding on the temperature…


Breed standards
As ancestors of the English breed spaniel, ash dogs of the Bronze Age era are considered, which were used exclusively for hunting purposes, and today are considered the ancestors of…


The goal of creating cocker spaniels was to obtain a small hunting dog, able to work closely with the leader, to search for and scare the game from impenetrable shrubs.…