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Rare genetic diseases of the English Cocker Spaniels.
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Cocker Spaniel Diseases
Cocker Spaniel breed features Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized dogs that have a strong physique with well-developed muscles and strong legs. Pets are very active, energetic, have developed intellect, are easily…

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Breed standards

As ancestors of the English breed spaniel, ash dogs of the Bronze Age era are considered, which were used exclusively for hunting purposes, and today are considered the ancestors of all modern popular hunting breeds.

During the artificial breeding of the breed, only the best hunting characteristics were fixed, but the origin of the English Cocker Spaniel is still not established.

Dog Breeds: English Cocker Spaniel

Many dog ​​handlers tend to consider the Spanish line as the main version of the breed. However, it was the efforts of experienced breeders from foggy Albion that allowed the spaniels to acquire all the basic features that are now well known.

It is interesting! For a long time, the black color of cocker spaniels was considered relevant and correct, and only at the beginning of the last century dogs appeared that had an unusual golden color.

Description and appearance of the cocker spaniel
A friendly dog ​​with a strong skeleton and well-developed musculature, very proportionately built, but quite compact dog, well established as a hunting breed, enjoys continued popularity in our country.

Breed standards
In accordance with established standards, the height of an adult dog of this breed at the withers should be commensurate with the distance from the withers to the tail. A show class pet must have the following parameters:

the presence of a capacious, classic, not too narrow or wide skull with a moderate foot. There is a fairly large size of the nose with wide open nostrils;
the presence of strong jaws and a complete set of teeth with a classic type of bite is characteristic;
eyes of a sufficiently large size, dark hazel or hazel shade, hazel, expressive, with a pronounced sheen;
ears set at eye level are oval;
the neck is medium in length, rather massive, smoothly passing into the straight region of the back;
the thoracic part is deep, completely nonplanar, with voluminous ribs;
forelegs strong and straight, with fingers assembled and hard pads;
the hind limbs are strong and elastic, quite muscular, with a powerful skeleton.

The breed is characterized by a wide step. The coat is adjacent, soft and smooth. The color can be solid or solid colors: black, red, golden, liver or chocolate, black and tan, liver tan.

English cocker spaniels are characterized by a different color, wide stride, smooth and soft

The spotted and piebald color of the breed can be represented in black and white, red-white, liver-white and fawn-white with or without speckles. No less popular are black-and-white-tan and liver-white-tan tricolor colors, as well as “Roan” colors represented by blue, red, fawn, and liver colors. Any other colors are considered to be non-standard.

male height is 39-41 cm;
the height of the female is 38-39 cm.
It is interesting! The average weight of an adult dog can vary between 12.5-14.5 kg.

Cocker Spaniel Character
English Cocker Spaniels are real hunting dogs, which clearly reflects on their character. The breed is distinguished by indefatigable energy and a constant desire to move. Despite the fact that the dog of this breed is characterized by increased sociability and natural friendliness, an adult animal often shows a pronounced distrust of all strangers and a high sensitivity to the mood of the owner.

English cocker spaniels are characterized by a playful disposition and natural gaiety. The dog has an excellent scent and excellent eyesight, which makes the breed indispensable for dog breeders. A certain drawback can be considered the presence of stringent requirements by standards. Among other things, some individuals are subject to severe pathological hysteria.

Life span
Depending on the hereditary characteristics and compliance with the maintenance regime, the average life expectancy of the English Cocker Spaniel does not exceed eleven years. As shown by long-term studies, one third of all deaths occur in oncology, one fifth are represented by natural causes, and one tenth are diseases of the cardiovascular system.

It will be interesting: how many dogs live

Home Cocker Spaniel Content
The breed English Cocker Spaniel is characterized by the owners as very smart and quite funny, sociable and inquisitive, perfectly adapted to the content at home.

Cocker Spaniel is a smart, fun and sociable dog.

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