The color of the Russian hunting spaniel
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The goal of creating cocker spaniels was to obtain a small hunting dog, able to work closely with the leader, to search for and scare the game from impenetrable shrubs.…

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What kind of sport to do with a dog, sports
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How to understand a dog’s language

Due to the fact that dogs cannot speak, misunderstandings often arise between them and the owners. But, nevertheless, animals are not dumb creatures, they are able to make a lot of sounds or various gestures, by which you can determine the mood of the pet or predict its intentions. How to understand the language of dogs?


If the dog runs, jumps around the owner, runs close, and then runs away and all this is accompanied by a loud barking – this means that all of its anatomy says that it wants to play. Wanting to play, the dog lands on its hind legs when jumping, freezes, bending its front legs, the back of the body remains raised, while the tail wags from side to side.

If the dog hunches his back, crouches, tightly presses his ears to the head, pinching the tail between the hind legs, while all the muscles are tense and motionless, this suggests that she is afraid of something.

When the dog is standing upright, its weight is evenly distributed between all its paws, its head and neck are stretched up, its ears are raised. Fixed tail in its natural state. Her gaze is clearly focused on the object of interest to her or begins to growl and bark in that direction. So she warns of danger.

If a pet is excited with something, it looks the same as in a state of alertness, but it sharply wags its tail or presses it to its hind legs, and its fur will stand on end.


Barking is a kind of dog language. Dogs bark mainly in order to attract attention, but sometimes this happens for no reason. From the height of the barking, one can understand the reason: a high dog barking indicates that she is afraid of something, a low one – about aggression. With the help of a howl, a dog talks about his loneliness, and she can also howl after someone or something, such as music or a siren. The first sign of discontent or aggression in dogs is a growl. Feeling resentful or frightened, the dog expresses with sounds such as screeching, squealing or screaming.

A lot of things can be said about the facial expressions of the animal. Let’s start with the expression Eye of the animal.

Enlarged eyes speak of aggression, smaller ones indicate fear or emotion; askance – about feeling unwell or humility; a direct tense look indicates a threat or warning.

Ears: raised up speak of her interest in something; pursed or bent forward indicate that the pet is scared, alarmed, or is preoccupied with something; ears fully pressed to the head – about submission.

Mouth: A closed mouth is a sign of calmness of a dog; if she is slightly ajar, and her lips are pulled in the corners and the front teeth are visible at the same time, this indicates that she is somewhat frightened or expresses her humility; if the dog grins its teeth and folds appear on its face, it means that it is aggressive.

Tail: raised straight – indicates her concern; wagging, raised up indicates that the dog is happy or thus expresses self-confidence, dropped between the hind legs, speaks of uncertainty or humility; tightened to the stomach – means fear.

Dog cowardice

At first glance it seems that such a feeling as cowardice can only be inherent in man. In fact, it also occurs in dogs. Factors determining the development of this quality can be very diverse.

The main causes of cowardly behavior

Cowardice is more common in animals with a difficult fate. If the dog was deprived of normal nutrition, maternal care in puppyhood, lived on the street for a long time or suffered from stronger relatives, then the chance to acquire a cowardly character is much higher than that of her well-off brethren. Very often, fear develops after aggressive actions by people towards a dog.

Another condition that contributes to the formation of cowardice is prolonged isolation of the animal, for example, in an aviary. Lack of communication with people and people like them negatively affects the dog. It is very possible to disturb the psyche of the animal by placing it as a punishment in a small enclosed room without light, water and food. The situation is aggravated by constant noise.

Sometimes the dog is cowardly, the super-caring owner is to blame. This occurs when the owner is more likely to monitor the appearance of the dog than to engage in its upbringing. This situation often develops with representatives of small breeds, which the owners take care of too much. As a result, pets develop cowardly character traits. These dogs are afraid of both humans and other dogs.

How to rid a dog of cowardice

Solving this problem simply and quickly is unlikely to succeed. But with the desire and patience of the owners to correct the situation is quite possible. The most important thing in this matter is to make it clear to the animal that the world is safe and that, if necessary, the owner can always help and protect. This can be achieved using different techniques in communicating with the dog:

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