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Improving the skills of searching and stalking game and losing weight

Often owners of spaniels are faced with the problem of being overweight in their pets. The danger of obesity and the most effective methods for losing weight spaniel will be described in this article.
Mostly, dogs begin to gain weight due to the large amount of food consumed and low activity. Calories from food are not wasted, but converted to fat. The spaniel begins to overeat, if he is bored, he is very greedy or he is simply over fed by the “caring” owners, not realizing that a small piece of goodies for a person is a bunch of extra calories for the spaniel. Proper nutrition of the spaniel is a guarantee of its good health. The spaniel needs to lose weight if you feel the ribs with your palms while palming the dog.

Obese spaniels tend to live less than dogs of normal weight, and get sick much more often. Extra pounds additionally load the joints and bones, causing further arthritis. Overweight Spaniels do not like to play and generally move, they do not tolerate the summer heat, are very vulnerable. Excess weight shortens the life of the pet, as well as your joy from communicating with the spaniel. In addition, obesity increases the risk of liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, hip dysplasia, spinal displacement, and the like.

Helping Spaniel Lose Weight

You simply have to help your pet, because we are responsible for those who have tamed. Typically, weight loss spaniels is carried out by increasing the load and reducing the calorie intake of foods. It is most convenient to feed your pet food in the volume usual for him, but with less calorie content. You can contact your veterinarian, who will draw up a special diet and give useful recommendations.

First of all, a specialist will determine the daily norm of calories consumed for a dog by its weight. Then he will prescribe a balanced diet, which will help the spaniel lose kilograms, while he will feel full. Success depends on household members who will not respond to the appealing gaze of the spaniel in the name of his own good.

Make sure that the spaniel constantly has the opportunity to drink clean water, play with it and run, walk regularly. To achieve the desired results, approximately 8-14 weeks of diet and physical activity will be required. After the end of the program, the spaniel must continue to eat properly and move as often as possible so as not to gain weight again.

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Improving the skills of search and pursuit of game.

First, train the spaniel to follow the trail upwind, allowing him to succeed each time. The grass should be moist and low. Tie the dog in a place where she will not be able to watch your actions. Choose shoes with rubber soles and follow the path similar to the letter “J”, dragging a living dove along and periodically pressing it to the ground. The beginning of the path should be at the top of the letter and end in the depth of the field. The starting point is marked with a few pigeon feathers (for the spaniel) and a piece of bright-colored rubber (for the trainer). At the end of the path, leave a dead dove or a living bird with its wings tied.

After successfully completing the exercise, replace the pigeon with a duck with its wings and paws connected, then only with its wings tied. The next stage of training should take place in tall grass and thickets.

Improving the skills of search and pursuit of game
Improving the skills of search and pursuit of game

The last stage of training is the training of the spaniel to recognize old and new tracks. Call the spaniel when he follows the old trail. When the dog comes up to you, let it find the dead bird that you laid next to itself at the moment when it began to follow the old track. Now you can start training by laying a new track in the same place where the old one was laid. But do not too often divert the trajectory of a new track from the trajectory of the old. It is better to do this in one case out of five.

The spaniel must be “balanced,” that is, serve the game in the hands of the owner. There are several ways to get such a dog. Firstly, you need to train your spaniel regularly. Make him serve you many times before working in the field. Do not pay attention only to training the spaniel to find and raise game. The dog needs to maintain an instinct for serving, which can be considered the first and most important goal in the behavior of the spaniel. The dog needs to be trained constantly, but this should be done in the form of a game.

Secondly, it should be remembered that many dogs (especially young spaniels) can stop giving game to their hands, as it becomes uninteresting for them. Everything drowns out the instinct of searching and raising game. In this case, you need to use the steps to explain to the dog that further search will be stopped if she does not give you the first bird.

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