Maintenance and care.
Dogs require some care, it should be understood that this breed of dog will not be able to live on the street, as they are quite demanding on the temperature…

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English Cocker Spaniel Content
Content - these dogs are not whimsical at all. Naturally, cockers can not tolerate severe frosts on an ongoing basis, however, they can winter in a warm and comfortable booth.…

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Can a dog find a way home
Even if the dog walks with the owner, who leads her on a leash, or runs on a limited territory herself, she can easily find her way home within the…

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Nataska English Cocker Spaniel, maintenance and care

In modern conditions, the “English” are gradually changing their skills, becoming more and more sports dogs and frisky companions. However, the hunting instincts of the breed do not suffer from this alignment. English cocker spaniels can work both with swamp and field or even with upland fowl. However, given the fact that each bird species has its own odor of varying intensity, it is unlikely that it will be possible to drag a dog immediately onto a snipe or grouse. Experienced owners recommend starting to familiarize the pet with hunting with the bog. According to observations, the dog, cleverly managing with dupels, in working with quails shows itself no worse. At the same time, dogs, accustomed to raising exclusively field inhabitants to the wing, in wetlands are slowed down and lost.

They start training the English Cocker Spaniel from an early age and in a playful way. For example, you can attach a bird’s wing to a string and pull it in front of the nose of a 3-month-old puppy. The surprised animal will immediately try to grab the animated bunch of feathers, and your task is to let him do this. Just don’t let the puppy chew “prey”, since later this habit will be transferred to real hunting trophies. At 4 months, babies are dragged to search and offer items. The dog is allowed to smell the bird carcass, after which they hide it in a secluded place and offer to find the loss. At first, you can use the hints – a hand gesture in the direction of the subject or a deliberately created draft that carries the smell of game throughout the apartment.

The commands “Come to me!” And “Near!” For hunting dogs should be worked out until automatic, so the OKD, passed before the nataska, is only good for the English cocker. Another important skill is the indifference to shots, which is the most difficult for the “English”. To accustom a pet to sharp sounds and the smell of gunpowder begin in the field. First, shots are fired in the distance (the optimal distance is 150 m) and only after the dog gets used to the noise, the gap between the shooter and the animal is smoothly reduced.

Important: in order to develop a clear understanding of your requirements and diligence in the English Cocker Spaniel, use only one prohibitive command from several possible ones. Do not disorient the dog with the word “Fu!”, If before that she only heard from you: “You can’t!”

It is better to start acquaintance with swamp game with hollows, which fly quite low and hard. Swamp hens are also a good object for an inexperienced cocker. In pine forest hunting, the grouse brood will become the optimal target. As a rule, they are not attracted to work with waterfowl English cocker spaniels, but if you want to train your pet for this type of game, it is also possible. Wait until mid-July, when the ducklings grow up, but do not fully lean, and begin training. Well, the option for the most seasoned – hunting for a hare. Why exactly for the seasoned? Because spaniels adore aimlessly chasing eared, in 99% of cases leaving the owner without prey.

Maintenance and care
English Cocker Spaniel grooming
English Cocker Spaniel grooming
The most comfortable English cocker spaniels feel in private country houses, where they will always have the opportunity to chase butterflies and rummage through the sand. Keeping in the apartment is also possible, but with regular and prolonged walking. English cockers are not just hunters, but playful and active tricks that need to run around and fool around to maintain mental balance.

It is not necessary to take part in all pet tricks during the walk. Just pull it off the leash in a less crowded and safe place and let it cut circles around the area. However, if you throw a frisbee or a ball to your ward, he will gladly support your initiative and join the game. Walking “Englishman” relies twice a day, and each of these promenades should last at least an hour. It’s a big mistake to take the dog out to the street just to make it stand out. In the end, the lack of free time is the problem of the owner, not the cocker spaniel.

Caring for an English Cocker Spaniel is not the most difficult, but you will need to pay some attention to the animal. Mandatory: clipping, brushing eyes and teeth (all in the same way as for other breeds). On the issue of bathing, the opinions of breeders were divided. Someone recommends washing cockers as little as possible, because too frequent splashing in the bathroom provokes dandruff in pets. Opponents of this method advocate regular “bathing days” (once every 7-10 days) and the use of veterinary shampoos that preserve the structure of the coat and stimulate its growth.

Black English Cocker Spaniel
Black English Cocker Spaniel
Combing is a daily ritual in the life of an English cocker spaniel, so make sure you include soft and hard brushes, a puller cutter, a slitter and a metal comb with long teeth in the must-have list.

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