Why a wide understanding of dog psychology is important
Of great importance is the understanding of the psychology of the pet. Animals, of course, are emotionally similar to us (this is one of the reasons why we live with…

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Cocker Spaniel Diseases
Cocker Spaniel breed features Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized dogs that have a strong physique with well-developed muscles and strong legs. Pets are very active, energetic, have developed intellect, are easily…

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Choosing a puppy.
As for the choice of a puppy, I will describe the general rules for choosing puppies, since all this applies, including American cocker spaniels: - You should not buy a…

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Spaniel content in the yard

Many dog ​​breeders believe that keeping spaniels in an apartment is highly undesirable. They explain this by the fact that being in an enclosed space for a long time turns a spaniel intended for hunting into a decorative dog. In addition, they argue that a long stay in the apartment contributes to the development of many diseases in the pet.

On the other hand, keeping the spaniel in the yard all year round is also not necessary, because in the cold season he can catch a cold. The most optimal options are a booth or a summer aviary in the yard, which saves the owners of spaniels from the need to walk their pets.

You can make an aviary using a wire mesh stretched over tall posts. The net should be fixed in the ground by about 30 cm. This is necessary so that the dog could not undermine it and run away. The floor of the enclosure is recommended to be made of concrete or sand. To protect your pet from adverse weather conditions, you need to put a booth in the aviary.

The booth is another important condition for keeping a spaniel. The booth should be located at a distance of 10-15 meters from the house. It is important that this place is dry and clean, protected from wind, direct sunlight, and well lit. The territory reserved for the booth should be well tamped and make it inclined to drain the water.
The roof of the booth is preferably flat with a tilt back. So that water does not get into the structure during rains, it should be installed on low bars. Before the new dwelling for the spaniel, you need to put a wooden shield, and also dig into the ground a pillar with a ring, which is necessary in order to tie the pet.

You can also keep the spaniel in the barn, but with a sufficiently large area of ​​the yard, the dog needs to organize a walk of 3×3 m in size. On the territory for walking you need to tear out the grass and sprinkle it with sand. In the barn for a spaniel, you need to make a couch with sides and lighting over this couch.
The breeders of this hunting breed sometimes keep their pets in rooms with cabins and adjacent walks. The best option for placing booths with enclosures is elevated places among shrubs and trees located at a great distance from residential buildings of livestock buildings.

Spaniel Pyometer

Pyometra is considered the most common reproductive ailment found in spaniels. Pyometra or endometritis is an inflammation of the uterine mucosa caused by the accumulation of pus in it.

Unfortunately, the exact cause of this disease in spaniels is unknown. Experts believe that, most likely, the disease develops as a result of hormonal changes that occur in bitches that have reached reproductive age.

Symptoms of the presence of pyometers in a female spaniel are as follows:

– stiffness of movements, general weakness;
– depressed state;
– nausea and vomiting;
– lack of appetite, rapid weight loss;
– the appearance of purulent discharge of brown, yellow-green color with an unpleasant odor;
– increase in body temperature;
– frequent urination and even urinary incontinence;
– intense thirst.

As a rule, a female bitch is 6-7 years old. The first symptoms of pyometers appear approximately a few weeks after the last estrus. The condition of the dog worsens if the purulent contents continue to be in the uterus.

Untimely treatment of pyometers in a spaniel can lead to rupture of the uterus and, consequently, to the ingestion of pus in the abdominal cavity. For this reason, after the first symptoms of the disease appear, the spaniel bitch must be taken to the veterinarian immediately.
The specialist will conduct a full examination of the animal, make a diagnosis and prescribe competent treatment. At the initial stage of the disease, veterinarians prescribe a symptomatic treatment for the dog.

If drug therapy does not bring the proper result, they resort to surgical intervention, namely, remove the uterus and ovaries of the spaniel bitch.
The advantage of surgery over symptomatic treatment is that the operation eliminates the re-emergence of the disease. In case of taking medications, relapse is possible.
The most effective way to protect your pet from a serious illness is sterilization. If this is not possible, you need to control the dog’s diet, increase physical activity, and not give her hormonal contraceptives to suppress estrus.

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