The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest representative of hunting dogs, which in our time is bred only as a pet. He is characterized by special cheerfulness, kind and calm…

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English Cocker Spaniel Content
Content - these dogs are not whimsical at all. Naturally, cockers can not tolerate severe frosts on an ongoing basis, however, they can winter in a warm and comfortable booth.…

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What a true gentleman with a hunting instinct looks like
The English Cocker Spaniel is a hunting breed, a favorite of the royal family of Great Britain, even Prince William and Kate Middleton have their own pet Lupo. All animals…

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Features of caring for an elderly spaniel. How to care for an elderly spaniel?

An aging dog, like older people, requires special care. So you can extend the life of the pet, ease its condition. Spaniels begin to age from the age of 8 and after that require special attention. Very often, signs of serious illness in older dogs are attributed to old age.

The reason for visiting a veterinarian at any age should be:

– thirst, lack of appetite and weight loss;
– involuntary urination;
– chronic diarrhea and vomiting;
– general exhaustion;
– limping;
– gum disease;
– difficulty breathing.

Elderly Spaniel Care Features

The dog will not be able to complain to the owner that something is hurting her, so only close attention to her pet will help to identify the disease at an early stage. After 8 years of care, the spaniel changes somewhat. The owner of the dog should make it a rule to take him to the veterinarian every six months. It is necessary to make tests in a healthy dog, and then every time you visit a veterinarian. So the easiest way to track changes in the body of the pet.
Vaccination must be carried out annually, since the risk of diseases in the long-lived spaniel is much greater. If the first symptoms of diseases appear, you should not delay the visit to the veterinary clinic, since it is always easier to treat the disease in the early stages.

Pet care is becoming more thorough. It needs to be combed regularly, evenly distributing the produced fat over the skin. Shampoos are not used for general purposes, but for skin diseases, and bathing a spaniel is recommended more often. While petting a pet, you can look at its coat and skin for sores and inflammations. These may be the first signs of tumors. The eyelids and gums are also viewed. In normal condition, they are pink.

A sharp change of scenery is not recommended for a retired spaniel. Dogs generally do not like changes, and in old age they should go more smoothly. If you start a second dog, then you try to pay equal attention to both pets. No need to overload the body with games, long walks. If the dog begins to suffocate – a bad sign.

You also need a special diet. Food must be balanced. When the dog begins to lose teeth, they switch to softer food. It is worthwhile to carefully monitor the weight. A small number of movements and a lot of goodies can lead to obesity. And obesity in dogs usually ends in the fact that the heart simply cannot beat because of fat ….
Care and attention from the owner will brighten the old years of the spaniel best.

Pyoderma of skin folds in cocker spaniels

Cocker Spaniels, like other animals, are susceptible to various diseases. A disease such as intertrigo, described below, is common among spaniels.
Pyoderma of skin folds or intertrigo refers to inflammation caused by bacteria, which develops in the presence of skin defects. Complicated by fungal diseases. The disease can affect the labial, perivulvar, facial or tail folds on the dog’s body. Most often, cocker spaniels that are overweight, allergic dogs, and also dogs with dense and thick hair are located for this disease.

If you find red shiny spots on the body of your pet, indicating the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, and the dog constantly licks itself, this may be the initial sign of the development of superficial pyoderma. The spots may fall out, they itch, causing the dog to constantly nibble on the affected area.

Disease treatment

Firstly, after the detection of signs of pyoderma, the spots need to be cured and only after that to eliminate the reason why they arose. For effective and quick recovery, the dog is recommended to be shown to the veterinarian.

One well-known veterinarian dermatologist advises such procedures to treat this disease: cut the hair around the red spots so that the infection does not spread throughout the spaniel’s body, as well as wipe the affected areas with cotton moistened, for example, in potassium permanganate, and smear them with drying ointments.

If these procedures do not work, you will have to consult a veterinarian.

Pyoderma of skin folds in cocker spaniels

Disease control

Depending on the cause of pyoderma, the fight against the disease is slightly different. For example, if the disease arose due to tangles or tangled hair, a spaniel, the owner of a long and thick coat, it is often necessary to comb. It is strictly forbidden to wash a cocker with matted hair!

If pyoderma appeared as a result of a spaniel allergy, try to get rid of sources in the house that could provoke it: air purifiers, various shampoos, etc. In addition, on the advice of a specialist, steroids or antibiotics that reduce inflammation can be used.

If the disease appeared due to a neurosis, the dog needs to start paying more attention, talking, playing and going out for walks with it.

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