Differences between English and American Cocker Spaniels. What is the difference between American and English Cocker?
Differences between English and American Cocker Spaniels. What is the difference between American and English Cocker? At first glance, the cocker spaniel seems like a dog of extraordinary beauty, but…

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What a true gentleman with a hunting instinct looks like
The English Cocker Spaniel is a hunting breed, a favorite of the royal family of Great Britain, even Prince William and Kate Middleton have their own pet Lupo. All animals…

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Hunting breed
Since the cocker spaniel was originally considered a hunting dog, its relevant qualities are not neglected now. But no matter how talented your favorite by nature is, you need to…

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The coat is straight, silky, never stiff, and also not curly, with suspensions of sufficient length on all four limbs (on the back to the hock), not too plentiful and formed by straight hair.
The most diverse. In monochromatic only a white spot on the chest is allowed.


On the head – the coat is short, thin; on the body – a straight, tight-fitting or slightly raised, silky to the touch, medium length, with undercoat sufficient to maintain temperature and provide protection from environmental influences. With good suspensions, but they should not be a hindrance when working dogs. Overly abundant suspensions, which change the appearance and do not fit into the standard contour of the rock, are considered a disadvantage. A vice is considered too rare, soft or, conversely, hard, curly hair on the chin. Trimming should not alter the appearance of the breed or the quality and location of the coat.

Various. In monochrome, a white collar is undesirable. Piebald pegs are evenly distributed throughout the body, but large spots are not allowed, and there must be a white spot on the back. A single-color specimen with white socks and a chest cannot be considered piebald. A white spot on the chest of monochromatic is quite acceptable. In roan, white hair should be evenly distributed throughout the body. Rough dogs can be of various colors: blue, gray-brown with a reddish tint (liver color), orangeish, lemon. White paws are a disadvantage for any solid color. Dark red spots in black and tan are located as follows: on the eyebrows, on both sides of the muzzle, on the throat, on the chest, on the forepaws – from the wrist to the fingers, on the hind – along the edge of the thigh from the knee to the hock and from the hock to the paws.

It is unlikely that anyone can resist the charm of the English Cocker Spaniel, especially in early puppyhood. To match his external and his wonderful character: an excellent “worker”, a passionate and passionate “hunter” on the “pen” on the one hand; and on the other – sociable and soft, energetic and mischievous, affectionate and devoted, patient and easily managed dog. This combination of spectacular appearance, excellent character and excellent “professional” qualities made the English Cocker Spaniel so popular in the last twenty years and turned it into a companion dog that brightens up our being, but also doomed it, in many cases, to lead a sedentary image life, and direct your natural judgment and mind to begging for treats. And you will have to show willpower and refuse it, otherwise you will get a fat freak with a bad breath.

So, you were strict and from a small charming puppy you grew up elegant, strong, lively and good-natured, with a noble set of a slender neck and head, with a velvet muzzle, long hanging ears, a sportily tailored, dense and compact English cocker spaniel.

The coat of the spaniel is fully formed only by the age of two, and in accordance with the standard strands of straight and silky hair extensions, but not too plentiful, but violating the general harmony of the lines and not obstructing movements, should be located in strictly defined places: the entire external surface of the ear, all four limbs — the front limbs — completely, the hind limbs — above the hock, and the front and lower parts of the chest.

But in individuals of some colors, especially in plain and black and tan. Excessively plentiful wool is observed where it should not be standard. Therefore, these instances need to restore “order” in “clothing” in accordance with the standard.

Ears covered with plentiful hair are the decoration of the breed, but also the constant headache of the owners – you should always tie it up with food. The harmonious appearance of the English Cocker Spaniel is usually disturbed by the falling bangs on the skull. Fringe on the forearm, mustache and beard. Suspension on the inside of the popliteal, excessively long coat on the sides and outside of the thighs. The hair of these places is usually not silky, as is characteristic, but rather too thin, like a fluff, and dull.

Trimming the dog you need to start by plucking this hair on all parts indicated above, except for the beard and mustache. Usually they do this with their fingers, dipping them in magnesia or rosin powder, so that the adhesion to the hair is better. You must perform this procedure following all the rules of stripping: holding the skin with your left hand above the place of the pinch, with your right hand, index and thumb, grab a small bundle of hair and pull it out in the direction of hair growth.
Then, having washed the dog thoroughly and dried it in accordance with all the rules (see the article on trimming the American Cocker Spaniel), begin to “bring shine” from the paws. Cut the fur between the fingers and the pads and cut the legs round so that they resemble a short “cat” foot.

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