The right diet for the English Cocker Spaniel
Feeding the English Cocker Spaniel is not very different from feeding dogs of other breeds. First you need to establish the amount of food based on the weight and height…

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Excerpts from the standard.
General form: The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest representative of a dog-friendly (hunting) group of dogs. With a sturdy compact body and a proportional noble head that blends harmoniously with…

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Rare genetic diseases of the English Cocker Spaniels.
It is unfortunate, but our pets of the English Cocker Spaniel breed may show hereditary ailments. They need to be able to recognize and fight take off. Hereditary nephritis is…

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Choosing a puppy.

As for the choice of a puppy, I will describe the general rules for choosing puppies, since all this applies, including American cocker spaniels:

– You should not buy a puppy in the market, as purebred dogs are simply not there. Owners of pedigree dogs will never sell them in the markets, because when selling through clubs, firstly, they will receive much more money, and secondly, by selling pedigree puppies, responsible owners monitor his fate.

Of course, if the dog is not completely purebred, this does not mean that it will be a bad friend and companion – it will certainly be if you love and take care of it. But you have to forget about a professional career.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy a puppy only in specialized pedigree nurseries, there are a lot of them, so finding them will not be difficult, while natural competition always leads to an increase in the quality of puppies.

– you should choose a puppy only in the environment in which he lived and grew up, since only there he will behave naturally, which will give you the opportunity to draw conclusions more or less objectively, which I will discuss below.

– puppies don’t have so many worries, as a rule, they eat, sleep, play and explore the world around us, and this is what we will build on.

A healthy puppy, if not sleeping, is agile, curious and always ready to play with his brothers and sisters. Take the puppy in your hands, smell it, a healthy puppy, which was kept under normal conditions, smells, not like chamomiles, but definitely not feces or urine.

The coat of healthy puppies is shiny and well laid over the body, and when he sees you, there should only be curiosity in his eyes, he will definitely smell you, he can taste, in general, will begin to examine you.

Puppies in the litter must be homogeneous, it is allowed to have one puppy that is slightly behind in growth and development, if it concerns large litters, then there can be two such puppies. I do not recommend you to take such puppies if you are an amateur, as special attention should be paid to their feeding. Such puppies are not a marriage at all, as it seems to many, they are just the weakest, I somehow took myself such a puppy, the English Cocker Spaniel breed and a year later, when we gathered the whole family, he was the most beautiful male in the entire litter, but it is …for information.

– when choosing a puppy, pay attention to the parents, well, everything is simple with mom, but you can’t see dads, for this, ask for copies of his documents, letters indicating the awards received. In the documents, pay attention to the fact that parents are not closely related, as this is not always good.

Of course, many will say that closely related crossbreeding is often used to improve breeds, but in addition to fixing the desired qualities, the risk of genetic diseases also increases.

– Be sure to ask the owners about the frequently occurring diseases of the parents, BUT here, as a rule, they will deceive you, because … .. who will tell you that the parents are painful. But it’s worth mentioning right away that pedigree nurseries do not allow breeding of individuals that give sick offspring, so buying a puppy in a nursery is very likely to give you a healthy puppy.

Education and training of the American Cocker Spaniel.
Puppy education should begin as early as possible, as puppies of this breed are well trained.

Training any spaniels is best done in the game, so they better perceive the information. At the same time, remember that the Americans understand very well how beautiful they are, and accordingly they are wonderful manipulators, so always show firmness and decisiveness, within reasonable limits, of course, and do not succumb to his spells.

Also keep in mind that dogs need constant communication with people, train every day, do not work out for two days and then leave him alone for a week, as this will inevitably lead to problems with character.

As for the time frame, a 2-month-old puppy should be accustomed to his name, to establish contact and trust, from 3 to 8 months devote training to obedience, after which you can send the dog to a general training course, the so-called OKD .

The right diet for the English Cocker Spaniel
Feeding the English Cocker Spaniel is not very different from feeding dogs of other breeds. First you need to establish the amount of food based on the weight and height…


Color American Cocker Spaniel
Disqualifying Defects: The above colors are the only acceptable colors or combinations of colors. Any other colors or color combinations are disqualified. Black color: white spots, except chest and throat.…


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