Breed standards
As ancestors of the English breed spaniel, ash dogs of the Bronze Age era are considered, which were used exclusively for hunting purposes, and today are considered the ancestors of…

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American Cocker Spaniel Character
The American Cocker Spaniel is always enthusiastic. These are very obedient and friendly dogs, filled with joy and optimism. The American Spaniel gets along well with other animals, both with…

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English Cocker Spaniel description and standard ICF
Purpose: dog, search and scare of game. FCI Classification: Group 8 Retrievers, Spaniels, Water Dogs. Section 2 spaniels, dogs on a bird. With working tests. Red Cocker Spaniel on the…

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More terrible than a cocker spaniel there is no beast

More terrible than a cocker spaniel there is no beast
The most aggressive breed of dogs is the English Cocker Spaniel, scientists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​who have studied the behavior of human friends for many years, have come to this conclusion. According to the online publication ABC Science, citing an article in the scientific journal Journal of Veterinary Behavior., The results of this work also indicate the danger posed to people by rottweilers, boxers, Yorkshire terriers and German shepherds.

Spanish scientists analyzed more than 1,000 cases of dog aggression based on data provided by their owners, and found that it was the English Cocker Spaniel most often attacking a person, while representatives of other breeds in most cases showed aggression against their brethren. Representatives of this breed in terms of aggression bypass even the notorious bull terriers.

The results of the study also indicate that the most aggressive cocker spaniels are males of a red color. Previously, biologists from the University of Cordoba found a relationship between the level of melanin, which determines the color of the dog’s coat, and dopamine, the “responsible” for aggression.

Previously, scientists from the University of Pennsylvania ranked the most aggressive dogs. According to them, the list was unconditionally headed by the dachshund. According to the study, every fifth dachshund bit or tried to bite passers-by, and also tried to attack its brethren, and every 12th – at its owners.

Chihuahuas took second place in the ranking. According to the authors of the study, small breeds are genetically more predisposed to aggressive behavior than large ones.

The least aggressive were the bassets, golden retrievers, labradors, Siberian huskies and greyhounds. Rottweilers, pit bulls and Rhodesian Ridgebacks received medium or low hostility ratings for passers-by.

However, scientists emphasize that the behavior of tetrapods depends not only on genes, but also to a large extent on education. They note that almost half of the attacks are related to a lack of training and flaws in dog training. It is believed that aggressive dogs, as a rule, also occur in aggressive people.

President of the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS), Yuri Ostashenko, previously stated that the problem of aggressiveness of a number of breeds of dogs is largely contrived, since cases of dog attacks on humans are single and incomparable, for example, with the number of injuries in an accident. “More people are dying under the wheels of cars than from dog bites, but no one says that it is necessary to ban, for example, the Lada, because they have a greater braking distance than BMW.”

The most stupid dogs – chihuahua and papillon

Swedish scientists have come to the conclusion that thoroughbred dogs are becoming dumber and dumber with each generation, RBC reports.

In the course of the study, scientists from the University of Stockholm found that the moral and physical abilities of many dog ​​breeds are markedly reduced due to the fact that modern people tend to have a more humble and attractive pet.

Thus, selecting four-legged friends precisely by these criteria, people deprive dogs of the natural evolution that dictates the rule – the strongest survives.

According to scientists, dogs that lived back in the 19th century had much more advantages over their modern descendants. Before the fashion for indoor dogs and beauty contests among animals appeared, dogs were chosen primarily by their strength, smell, ability to hunt and guard the home.

Passion for calm, beautiful dogs led to the fact that they became less attentive and much less able to learn different teams.

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