English Cocker Spaniel description and standard ICF
Purpose: dog, search and scare of game. FCI Classification: Group 8 Retrievers, Spaniels, Water Dogs. Section 2 spaniels, dogs on a bird. With working tests. Red Cocker Spaniel on the…

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Russian hunting spaniel
Russian Spaniel is a medium sized hunting dog breed. Their close relatives are the English Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel. A great helper when hunting for waterfowl. His…

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The color of the Russian hunting spaniel
One-color (solid) color (completely without white marks, or with marks in clearly defined places - on the forehead, muzzle, throat, chest, stomach, legs, tail end). Black (wool is smooth, straight)…

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Common cocker spaniel diseases

Common cocker spaniel diseases
Acquired diseases of the English Cocker Spaniels arise due to malnutrition, insufficient physical activity, colds, infections.

Cardiovascular diseases
Dog heart problems develop due to overwork, nervous stress and stress, and pathologies of internal organs. Manifested in the form of constant fatigue and lethargy, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, fainting, bluish mucous membranes. They require urgent treatment in a veterinary clinic. Heart diseases are treated with medications prescribed by a veterinarian.

Spaniel Diseases
Common diseases of spaniels include allergic reactions of various types (food allergies, dermatitis). Manifested in the form of itching, scratching, deterioration or loss of hair, redness or swelling of the mucous membranes. Identify the allergen is possible only after special tests. The veterinarian prescribes medication and diet to the dog, excluding the product that causes a negative reaction (if the pet has food intolerance). It is recommended that allergic dogs be given special feeds and hypoallergenic care products.

Cocker Spaniels have a beautiful, dense coat in which fleas, ticks, and lice can start. Ectoparasites are treated with special shampoos, sprays, good anti-flea collar repels insects on walks. Internal parasites (worms) are treated with drugs, giving them for prevention once every 3-4 months or when worms are detected.

English Spaniels are very fond of eating, and the owners indulge the dogs, treating them to treats and snacks. In order to avoid problems with overweight, you need to choose the right diet for the dog, do not overfeed the pet, and do not give the dog forbidden foods (sweets, fried and smoked dishes, sweets, cookies, etc.). Obesity is treated by prescribing a diet, an increase in physical activity.

Cold and Infectious Spaniel Diseases
Cockers can catch a cold in the cold season, as well as from drafts (especially after swimming). Colds cause coughing, sneezing, and discharge from the nose and eyes. They are treated with a therapeutic method. In order for the dog not to get sick, you need to equip the bench far from the drafts, dry the pet’s coat well after washing.

Dogs of this breed are also susceptible to infectious diseases of the eyes and ears, which are often caused by ticks, helminths.

Puppies are vaccinated against dangerous infectious diseases at a very young age.

Disease prevention
To minimize the risk of developing a cocker spaniel disease, you need to do all the right vaccinations on time. Vaccination of puppies includes vaccinations against plague, parvovirus enteritis, infectious hepatitis. Health dog provide proper nutrition, care and maintenance. It is necessary to regularly treat the dog for worms and ectoparasites, to monitor its condition, to provide it with sufficient physical activity. If you change your behavior, appetite, or detect symptoms of the disease, contact your veterinarian urgently.

Maintenance and care.
Dogs require some care, it should be understood that this breed of dog will not be able to live on the street, as they are quite demanding on the temperature…


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