Reviews about the breed ENGLISH COKER SPANIEL
Feedback When my 15-year-old cocker died, I promised myself that I would never have a dog. Two years after his death, I could not keep my word to myself, which…

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More terrible than a cocker spaniel there is no beast
More terrible than a cocker spaniel there is no beast The most aggressive breed of dogs is the English Cocker Spaniel, scientists from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​who have…

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Color American Cocker Spaniel
Disqualifying Defects: The above colors are the only acceptable colors or combinations of colors. Any other colors or color combinations are disqualified. Black color: white spots, except chest and throat.…

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English Cocker Spaniel Content

Content – these dogs are not whimsical at all. Naturally, cockers can not tolerate severe frosts on an ongoing basis, however, they can winter in a warm and comfortable booth. But I still tend to not keep these dogs on the street.

As for leaving, everything is not complicated:

– it is necessary to comb the dog at least 2 times a week, while after each walk, remove grass seeds, as they can lead to tangles, which will have to be cut with scissors.

– bathing dogs must be carried out as necessary, since they are very fond of swimming, and they consider any puddle to be a pond, so they will have to bathe, not only every day, but often enough. Use, for him, only hypoallergenic shampoos.

– large and expressive eyes also require attention, they are a rather weak place, so wipe them, and if copious discharge appears, consult a doctor.

– ears are a separate topic, because when bathing, water gets into them every now and then, which leads to inflammatory processes. This can be avoided by regular airing. This is done by fixing the ears with a rubber band, or as I did with a clothespin on the dog’s head, you don’t have to walk like that for long, just a few minutes after bathing.

– so that there are no problems with the seeds of plants, cut six on the legs and between the fingers — less hair — do not cling to these seeds.

– regular dental care is necessary, this can be done with a toothbrush, my dog ​​did not like this, or clean tartar at least 2 times a year.

Feeding an English Cocker Spaniel.
There are no problems feeding these dogs. As for balanced feeding, you need to read articles about feeding dogs, if you have questions, ask them in the forum or in the comments, I will answer you.

After reading the basic rules for feeding dogs, I’m sure there should not be many questions. Keep in mind that cockers have a great appetite, and it is very important not to overfeed your pet, as this can lead to severe health problems, and the problem of excess weight will be most insignificant.

General rules on how to feed dogs is not worth it:

– any fatty food, as dogs are very susceptible to diseases of the liver and pancreas

– bones, since this is generally stupid, they do not carry any nutritional value, but there can be a lot of problems.

– fresh bread, also due to the pancreas

– a two-month-old puppy needs to be fed 5-6 times a day, reducing the frequency of feeding up to 3-4 times by six months and up to 2-3 times by 9-10 months. There is no consensus on 2- or 3-fold feeding; I am inclined to 3-fold feeding in small portions.

Of course, you cannot describe all the diseases here, but here are the most common diseases concerning the English Cocker Spaniel:
Let’s be friends)) the main slogan of the English Cocker Spaniel

– eye diseases, but here I wrote that the eyes are a weak point of the breed

– renal and liver failure – partly inherited, partly affected by poor feeding

– congenital deafness – genetic disease

– hip dysplasia – a serious illness, but there are therapeutic agents that in some cases can help

– cardiomyopathy – lack of regular walks, overfeeding, genetic predisposition.

The price of puppies at the beginning of 2017.
As for puppies in the markets, there you can buy a puppy within 50-70 US dollars, in young clubs and private breeders the price will increase to 100-170 US dollars

As for the really pedigree kennels, then the puppies are the most expensive, so the price for a 2-3 month old puppy is in the range of 250-500 dollars, sometimes, when it comes to elite lines, the price can reach 1000-1500 US dollars.

Excerpts from the standard (FCI).
General view, behavior. The dog is hunting, mobile, lively, hardy. The movements are fast, energetic, a powerful step. Everything seems to be given to her without much effort, she is truly tireless in her work. Smart, calm. It gets along equally well with both people and other dogs.

Height at the withers. Males 39–41 cm, females 38–39 cm, weight depending on height from 12 to 15 kg. The main focus in the assessment is not on the growth or weight of the animal, but on the strength and harmony of physical development.

Body. Short, sturdy, compact, gives the impression of concentrated strength. The back is short, gently lowering to the croup. The chest is wide and deep. Powerful muscular lower back.

Limbs. Strong, front – straight, back – strong, muscular. Paw in a lump, “cat”, with hard pads.

Coat. On the head is short, thin, on the body – straight or slightly wavy, silky to the touch. On the limbs, tail and ears – tow.

Color. Diverse: any one-color suit is allowed; there may be a white mark on the chest, but not large white spots, since in this case the color of the animal is read in multicolor.

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