How to treat liver in a spaniel
In connection with the rapid development of medicine and the expansion of the ability to diagnose diseases of internal organs in animals, it turned out that liver diseases are very…

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Breed standards
As ancestors of the English breed spaniel, ash dogs of the Bronze Age era are considered, which were used exclusively for hunting purposes, and today are considered the ancestors of…

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Excerpts from the standard.
General form: The Cocker Spaniel is the smallest representative of a dog-friendly (hunting) group of dogs. With a sturdy compact body and a proportional noble head that blends harmoniously with…

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English Cocker Spaniel in questions and answers

The peak of the popularity of cocker spaniels in Russia occurred in the middle and end of the 90s. last century. However, medium-sized handsome, smart, friendly and intelligent, retained a huge army of fans. There are still a lot of ads for puppies on various Internet sites. It’s hard to believe, but a charming cocker is not for everyone! If you are just looking at this breed, check out the article prepared by British experts.

English cockers are really smart dogs

They are developed intellectually, are well trained, quickly learn new teams. Cockers are hardworking by nature, trying to adapt to their master and please. However, dogs are very susceptible … to the quality of training, to their richness, variety, form of presentation, individual skill of the trainer. If you support, warm up their interest – the learning process will go like clockwork. It will become boring – write lost. No matter how you try, nothing will work. The desire to learn something will be irretrievably lost. A property that will easily baffle a beginner.
The breed needs a lot of exercise

Cockers feel good in country cottages, where there is the opportunity to spend the whole day in the fresh air. This, in general, is not at all surprising, as the breed is often used on working roles. Dogs need to run, explore, communicate with their relatives – in short, measured indoor life is not very suitable for them. Leave the choice on the breed only if you are sure that satisfy the pet’s need for activity. You can successfully drive a cocker as a city dweller. The dog needs two long walks a day, full of physical training and active games. In no case should we forget about socialization, the possibility of constant communication.
Initially, the Cocker Spaniel is a hunting gun breed

Hunting inclinations somehow manifest themselves in all cockers, to a greater or lesser extent. Dogs feel good both on land and in water, they like to carry something in their teeth. Often play with your pet in the “bring”!
Dogs are generally easily excitable and love to bark.

We have already noted above that cockers have a cheerful, direct disposition, love to communicate. In the process of communication, dogs quickly become excited, begin to inflame themselves with barking bark. Persuading a dog to calm down is sometimes not easy. In a word, do not expect silence from your cocker.
The breed does not tolerate prolonged loneliness

And again we return to the indomitable passion of the English cockers for communication. Rather, to the flip side of the coin: dogs do not tolerate prolonged loneliness. A very well-trained dog can easily be alone with himself for several hours, but no more. If you cannot provide your pet with a permanent company during the day, cocker is not your choice.
Cocker Spaniels get along well with kids

Dogs are kind, friendly and very playful. Of course, each pet is deeply individual. The facts that not all cockers love children unselfishly and selflessly do occur. Nevertheless, they are more likely an exception than a rule.
Hair Care Can Become a Real Problem

Now evaluate the coat of Cocker Spaniels critically. Dogs are hunting, constantly sniffing out something, exploring. It is difficult to convince them not to get into puddles or even small swamps. Sometimes (especially in bad weather) dogs need to be bathed after each walk, cleaned and combed daily. Running cocker has a very unpresentable appearance.
English cockers are good athletes

They are strong in exercises for scent, dexterity, endurance, etc. They have proven themselves in such a discipline as a hilvork.
It is important to choose a healthy pet

In general, the breed is in good health, but problems also occur. Try to get puppies from breeders with an impeccable reputation. When you meet an ad with a price that is much higher than the market price (as well as puppies offered at a known low price), be sure to get to the root of the matter. Sometimes a puppy of a show class is not really needed, at the same time, the savings on the purchase will be doubtful and unjustified.

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