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Beautiful Eared – Cocker Spaniel

Whatever the dog, of any size and breed, it is imperative to train obedience teams. In any case, the dog must obey his master implicitly. The size of the dog is nothing to do with; you should not think that if the dog is small, then it should not or should not be taught what large dogs usually teach. The dog must write off to the society with which he lives, and adhere to a certain framework of behavior.

The American Cocker Spaniel is the smallest dog in the category of hunting dogs. He has a compact but strong structure, a noble, graceful head. This is a harmonious dog of perfect size. This breed of dog is very attached to the owner, and can live 10-15 years. He very acutely and painfully experiences separation from his master.

To begin with, it is necessary to remember that for a puppy moving to someone else’s (in the future his) home is a lot of stress. The task of the owners is to make this stress minimal. For example, transport it early in the morning when the puppy is still sleepy. In this case, they are better at experiencing separation from their mother, brothers and sisters. And they need to be transported on an empty stomach, because, as in a car, puppies get sick.

Upon arrival home, he should be given a place and time to explore the new territory, to adapt. It is necessary to prepare him fresh water and food.

Cocker spaniel puppies can be shy and strange in the company of strangers for the first time, but it lasts a few minutes. Then he shows interest and studies new people in the house. The American cocker is an example of the main “I”. Nobody exists for him, first of all, he is the best and favorite, and then everyone else. He can be so poor that his hand reaches out to feel sorry for him. Such things should be suppressed, because in the future, an adult dog will “climb on the owner’s neck.” And then only a specialist can fix this situation.

Start training cocker spaniel should be accustomed to the hands of the owner. A puppy (and then an adult dog) should allow himself to be quietly wasted, put on a floor and on a table in a specific rack, examine his ears and teeth, turn over – in short, he should obey and allow him to do what the owner considers necessary. If a puppy is accustomed to such restraint from the first days of being in the house, then in the future it will facilitate the care of the dog.

Teaching a dog to stand in a particular stance is not difficult. The main thing should be the tenacity of the owner, and constant repeated repetition of exercises, to the end. Proper puppy behavior should always be encouraged by goodies.

How to care for a cocker spaniel. A beautiful eared – cocker spaniel

The most important thing in taking care of your pet’s appearance is combing it. This should be done every day, for 3-4 minutes, no less. Very carefully so as not to hurt him, because he will no longer allow him to scratch. In any case, even if the puppy is trying to break out of your hands, this behavior should be suppressed. It is necessary to finish each comb to the end. You can’t regret and leave the procedure started for later, then the cocker spaniel is very tricky, and in the future, combing will become a problem. An adult cocker spaniel can be combed 3-4 times a month.

The next important issue in looking after a cocker spaniel is washing. Cocker should be bathed 2-3 times a month, if the dog does not walk on the street, then it is acceptable to bathe 1 time per month. If the pet has clumps (the dog’s coat is tangled in the form of flat cakes) or mats, it is necessary to comb large ones and only after that bathe the dog. To wash the dog you need to prepare:


· Air conditioning or balm;

Terry, soft towel.

It should be noted that you do not need to wipe the dog, the towel is intended only for impregnation of moisture. Dry the cocker spaniel with a hairdryer. It is desirable and convenient to dry and comb at the same time. First you need to dry the neck and back, then the sides, shoulders, hips and chest. Warm air should come from above. The very last part of the body to dry should be the head and ears. In no case should the air of a vein be directed to the dog in the ear or eyes. This is very unpleasant, the dog may not allow it to dry anymore. What is important in grooming is that every two weeks, it is imperative to cut the hair inside the dog’s ears, as well as around the anus and always between the toes. But you need to start cutting the dog in 3-3.5 months. For the first haircut, the best way out is to visit a hairdresser, of course if it is a master cocker.

Dog claws should be trimmed very carefully. To begin with, it is better to go to a specialist, because if you cut it 1 mm more, then the dog will cause very great pain. The specialist will show and tell you how to cut the required claw length correctly and without damage. Blood vessels pass through the pet’s claws. This should always be considered. But this is not a reason not to cut your claws.

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Why a wide understanding of dog psychology is important
Of great importance is the understanding of the psychology of the pet. Animals, of course, are emotionally similar to us (this is one of the reasons why we live with…


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