Facts about the life expectancy of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and their diseases.
Questions about how long cavalier spaniels live and how things are with their health worry many breeders. Often they feel uncomfortable, because their experience with pets is significantly different from…

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Color American Cocker Spaniel
Disqualifying Defects: The above colors are the only acceptable colors or combinations of colors. Any other colors or color combinations are disqualified. Black color: white spots, except chest and throat.…

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Character English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel is a very gentle and kind dog. He adores his master and will gladly keep him company in various active games. It is also a very dedicated…

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American cocker spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is an excellent hunter: masterfully scares hiding game and brings dead birds and wounded animals. But he is extremely popular as a pet dog – beautiful, faithful, easily accustomed to any lifestyle; in a word, it is a wonderful companion and friend of man.

Unusually beautiful
Universal favorite of the family
Ideal height for an adult male is 38 cm, for an adult female – 35.5 cm. Deviations of no more than 1.3 cm in one direction or another are acceptable.

It should be remembered that the cocker spaniel is bred for hunting, and although he is quite pleased with the role of a pet, he will be best off in those families that provide him with two big walks a day and a kindergarten where he can frolic. Care for the hair of the American Cocker with its luxurious long hair should be combed daily with a comb and a brush, and once every 8-10 weeks – bathe and trim. Trimming is difficult, so it is better if it is done by an experienced craftsman: the hair on the head and face should be trimmed with an electric machine, on the neck and shoulders – carefully trimmed to a strictly defined length, and left on the legs, ears and stomach. The lower part of the paws is also trimmed. Of course, if you want to cope with this procedure yourself, you must first learn all these techniques from a specialist.

From the history of the breed
The American cocker is smaller than English, its coat is more abundant, and although it was descended from English ancestors, breeding in the USA was carried out in a slightly different direction. His elegant “trousers” and long hair are the main distinguishing features.

The American cocker was first exhibited in Manchester, New Hampshire (USA), in September 1883, and when the American Kennel Club allowed the use of separate rings for two varieties of cockers, the American immediately became extremely popular.

American cocker spaniel

Excerpts from the standard
General form. Proportionally folded, square format, high-transmitting, strong dog with a beautifully set head; the body is compact, croup and shoulders muscular, wide. Well-knocked down, with strong muscles, a strong skeleton and excellent leverage, the American Cocker Spaniel is the embodiment of swiftness combined with great stamina. It should be relaxed and cheerful, good health, harmonious in all respects, with an even character and not a timid dozen.

Color. Among one-color cockers, blacks should be without a brown or reddish-brown shade of hair. The black and tan ones assigned to the same color have pure tan marks that do not merge with each other on absolutely black color in strictly defined places – from light cream to a deep red (chestnut) color. The total area of ​​tan marks is limited to no more than 10% of the main color; if it is more than 10%, this is a vice. A hint of tanning or its absence at any of the designated places is a defect.

For all monochromatic colors, a small white spot on the chest or throat is acceptable, although undesirable; elsewhere – considered a vice.

Among motley cockers in bicolors, the second, additional, color is located in clear spots on the main background, which should be at least 90% in area. The concentration of the second color in one place is unacceptable. If such two-color cockers have tan marks similar to those specified above for black and tan dogs, they are called tricolor. They can have small specks of black or red color on a white background.

The so-called roan are ranked as a motley group. They can be mottled and mixed color due to the uniform interspersing of white hair in the coat of the main color.

Head. Neat, voluminous, not too coarse and not too elegant. The muzzle is wide, square, with a pronounced transition from the forehead. The cheekbones are muscular, but fairly flat. The nose is large, with well-developed nostrils providing a keen sense of flair.

Tail. Set slightly below the line of the back; the dog holds him flush with his back; stopping is not too short, but not too long.

Paws Strong, on thick pillows, feline.

Our client Margarita Ivanova: “Teddy is a great friend, and walking with him is not sad and is at home on the couch”

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