Autistic Spaniel Behavior.
Puppies that are in a new family are very often autistic. Spaniels prone to autistic behavior require special treatment from the owner and household. For example, an autistic spaniel cannot…

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Coat The coat is straight, silky, never stiff, and also not curly, with suspensions of sufficient length on all four limbs (on the back to the hock), not too plentiful…

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Dog Poisoning Prevention Tips
90% of reported cases of animal poisoning are due to accidental consumption of toxic substances. The most common cases of poisoning are related to ingestion of insecticides or cleaning agents…

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Color American Cocker Spaniel

Disqualifying Defects:
The above colors are the only acceptable colors or combinations of colors. Any other colors or color combinations are disqualified.
Black color: white spots, except chest and throat.
ASCOB: white spots except chest and throat.
Spotted color: 90% or more of the main color.
Tanning marks, occupying more than 10%.
The absence of tan marks in black and ASCOB individuals in any of the indicated places.
Males – above 39.4cm; Bitches above 36.8 cm.
Color American Cocker SpanielBlack and black and tan color. Black should be clean and shiny; shades of brown or liver are undesirable. A small white spot on the chest and / or throat is permitted; white in any other area is considered a disqualifying defect.

ASCOB (any solid color except black). This color includes any solid color except black – from light cream to dark red, including brown and tan with tan. The color should be clean, but lighter tones are allowed. A small white spot on the chest and / or throat is acceptable. Disqualifying Defects: White spots anywhere else are considered a defect.

Spotted color two or more colors with clear borders, one of which must be white.

Black and white
Red-white (from light cream to dark red)
Brown white (including tan)
The roan (mottled) dogs are classified as spotty, and can be any of the usual mottled varieties. A primary color of 90% or more will be disqualified.
Combinations of any of these colors with tan are also acceptable. Tanning should be in the same places as in individuals with black and tan and brown and tan color.

The color of the tan can be from light fawn to dark red and they should be no more than 10% of the main color. Tanes exceeding 10% of the main color are disqualified. In individuals with a black color or ASCOB, the marks should be located as follows:

spots over both eyes
on the sides of the muzzle and on the cheeks
on the inside of the ears
on all legs or limbs
tail area
on the chest (optional, presence or absence is not a defect)
Disqualifying Defects

The absence is tan in the indicated places or the presence in places not specified by the standard of the black spaniel or the ASCOB subgroup.
Blurred or faint tan and tan on the sides of the muzzle, merging on the back of the nose
Note: males should have two full, normally developed testes fully descended into the scrotum.

Character of an American Cocker Spaniel
By nature, the American Cocker Spaniel is a very energetic, fun, agile and friendly breed. Sometimes alert to strangers and strangers, but fairly obedient dog.

Most of all she likes to spend time with the owners, playing with them, loves attention to herself. There are individuals with a rather jealous disposition of character, but this trait can be smoothed out with timely education and training.

The American Cocker Spaniel loves children very much, loves to participate in their games. Small and compact size allows you to keep a spaniel in a city apartment. He feels the owner’s mood well, he is ready to support and empathize with him, in this breed this quality is expressed quite strongly.

The American Cocker Spaniel lends itself well to training, while quickly memorizing commands and executing them with enthusiasm. They are excellent hunters, since they have it in their blood. In the case when the owner of the cocker is an avid hunter and is going to take the dog with him for hunting or just to the forest, it is necessary to prepare the pet for the upcoming work. The dog’s hair is shortened, so the spaniel will not freeze, taking prey from the water, and will not get tangled in the bushes.

American cocker spaniels are great circus artists, rescuers and drug seekers.

The natural desire to please the owner as much as possible can be successfully used in training and bring up a great friend and companion.

Maintenance and care of the American Cocker Spaniel
American Cocker Spaniel Care
Caring for an American Cocker Spaniel is time-consuming and compulsory, but work justifies itself. The spaniel has irresistible coat, and in order for it to look healthy, beautiful and well-groomed, the owner must adhere to the rules of proper care.

Comb 2-3 times a week with a natural bristle brush or metal comb. The combing procedure will remove dead hair, remove dust, improve blood circulation and prevent the formation of tangles and hair problems.

Cockers are bathed every 7-10 days, or depending on pollution. For swimming, use a special shampoo for long-haired dogs with a balm and conditioner. After that, the hair is dried with a hairdryer for proper styling. In winter, bathing a spaniel is recommended once a month. The American Cocker Spaniel needs a professional haircut four times a year.

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