Character English Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel is a very gentle and kind dog. He adores his master and will gladly keep him company in various active games. It is also a very dedicated…

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Small dog of a hunting breed.
The American Cocker Spaniel is a direct descendant of the English Cocker Spaniel and first appeared in the 18th century in America. At that time, the cocker breed was divided…

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English Cocker Spaniel description and standard ICF

Purpose: dog, search and scare of game.
FCI Classification: Group 8 Retrievers, Spaniels, Water Dogs. Section 2 spaniels, dogs on a bird. With working tests.
Red Cocker Spaniel on the grass
Photo english cocker spaniel in red color with a wary look

General view: athletic of small stature, proportional to physique with a strong skeleton and well-developed muscles.
Important parameters: the height from the withers to the ground is almost equal from the withers to the base of the tail.
Character / Temperament: cheerful, energetic, affectionate and faithful. On hunting, she is very active, hunting passion is visible in the lively swinging tail, especially when the English Cocker Spaniel follows the smell of game.
Head: proportional to the body, massive, but not angular with smooth lines.
Skull: Well developed with clear lines, not too elegant, but not too rough.
Transition from the forehead to the nose: moderately pronounced, between the nose and occipital tubercle.
Nose: Nose wide with well-opened nostrils.
Muzzle: square.
Drilled: neat, without excessive saggy.
Jaws / Teeth: the scissor bite is correct, the upper jaw closely overlaps the lower. The teeth are smooth, white. The jaws are strong.
Cheeks: do not protrude.
Eyes: large, shiny, not convex. Dark brown or brown. The eyelids fit snugly. For chocolate or chocolate white, dark hazel eyes are acceptable. The look is lively, soft, attentive and cheerful.
Ears: long, ends oval, set at eye level. The edge of the ear should reach the tip of the nose. Tightly covered with long, silky hair.
Neck: medium length, muscular, smoothly passing into the shoulders, without suspension and folds.
Case: strong, compact.
Top line: straight, without deflection, gradually descends from the croup to the root of the tail.
Croup: short, wide.
Chest: Well developed, deep, moderately broad. The ribs smoothly bend towards the middle, the false ribs are long.
Tail: set slightly below the line of the back, carried no higher than the line of the back. If necessary – stop.
Docked tail (docking is allowed only in some countries): it doesn’t stop too short, 2-3 vertebrae are left and continues the top line.
The uncropped tail is slightly curved, medium in size, reaching the hocks. Thick at the base with a smooth thinning towards the end. Tightly covered with hair.

Forelegs: smooth with a strong bone. Joint angles are moderately pronounced.
Shoulders: obliquely set, flat, pronounced withers. The shoulder blades and shoulders are about the same.
Forearm: Straight, straight from elbow to wrist.
Elbows: pressed to the body, look strictly back.
Shoulders: obliquely set, pressed to the body, elbows are located directly under the withers.
Paws: rounded, fingers assembled in a lump, pads elastic dense. The claws are strong.
HINDQUARTERS: Seen from behind, smooth, muscular, with strong bones. Joint angles are moderately pronounced.
Hips: Muscular, but not loaded.
Shins: Muscular, approximately equal to the hips. The knee joints are strong, with well-defined angles.
Knees: well bent.
Metatarsus: short, form a good joint with the hock joints, which allows strong repulsion.
Paws: oval, fingers assembled in a lump, elastic pads, strong nails.
Movement: smooth, confident, wide stride.
Coat: the outer hair is soft, smooth, slightly wavy, but never hard-curly; not too plentiful and never curling into curls. On the head, short and thin, throughout the body of medium length. The English cocker has a beautiful outfit that is not too long so as not to interfere with work in the field. She is trimmed to emphasize natural lines. The forelimbs, the bottom of the pads, groin, and hind limbs are covered in copious hair.

English Cocker Spaniel color
Solid color:
The black
Black and tan
Hepatic with tan
For solid color cockers, white is not acceptable. Only a small spot on the chest is allowed.

Spotted (main background light) and piebald (main background dark) colors:

Black and white
Red white
Liver white
Fawn white
Spotted and piebald can be with or without specks.


Black and white with tan.
Hepatic white with tan.
Roan colors:

Black roan
Chocolate roan
Red-roan with black pigmentation
Red-roan with brown pigmentation
Golden roan with black pigmentation
Golden roan with brown pigmentation
Red roan
Fawn roan
Hepatic roan
Blue Roan with tan
hepatic roan with tan
All other or color combinations not listed above are non-standard.

Disadvantages: Any deviations from the standard are considered as deficiencies, the magnitude of which depends on the depth of health disorders, as well as affecting the ability to perform their traditional work.

Disqualifying defects:

Severe viciousness or timidity.
P.S .: males should have two distinct, normally developed testes fully descended into the scrotum.

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