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The color of the Russian hunting spaniel

One-color (solid) color (completely without white marks, or with marks in clearly defined places – on the forehead, muzzle, throat, chest, stomach, legs, tail end).

Black (wool is smooth, straight)
Brown, chocolate (manifested in the absence of black pigment. Eyes and nose are brown. The coat is thick, long, soft. A dense cap is often formed on the head, on the back and extremities thick and dense)
Red (color from light fawn to dark red. Nose – black, brown; eyes dark brown.
Minuses: flesh nose, very light, almost yellow eyes)

Two-tone (piebald) color:

Black – piebald contrast color
Brown – piebald contrast color
Red-piebald contrasting color
Black-piebald in the speck (puppies darken as they grow older, the speckled ones can turn into black).
Speckled brown
Piebald in the speck
Tan mark (red marks located in strictly defined places – above the eyes, on the inside of the ears, on the cheeks, two triangles on the chest, markings on the paws and under the tail. The tan can be present in black and brown colors).
Black and tan
Tan brown
Piebald colors are more common among spaniels, divided into two types:

Contrast (on a white background spots of the main color). Puppies have a pink nose and pink with a few speckled legs.
Speckled (almost black or blurry specks, sometimes specks are clearly distinguishable). Such babies from birth have a dark nose and paw pads.
And contrasting and speckled puppies of the Russian hunting spaniel are born white with large marks. Will the puppy’s nettle be identified by pigmentation of the nose and paw pads.

At 1 month of age, the speck is already distinguishable. By the age of seven months, the dog acquires its final shade. When knitting a speckled and contrasting spaniel, mottling will dominate. From two contrasting individuals, speckled offspring will not work.

Three-color colors:

Black – piebald contrast with tan (red marks appear on the spot black marks).
Brown – piebald contrast with tan
Black – piebald in a speck with tan
Brown – piebald in a speck with tan
Russian hunting spaniel character
By nature, the Russian hunting spaniel is cheerful, friendly, affectionate and balanced. An indispensable helper for a hunter, possesses all the qualities of a hunting dog: a sharp mind, an excellent instinct, hardy, energetic, persistent, will not give up until he finds and brings prey to the owner.

It will be a great companion for long walks in the forest or park. Like all spaniels, he loves to swim. Get prey from the water, for him a mere trifle. The Russian hunting spaniel is constantly on the move, even while walking with the owner, he will run around in search of prey, pick up different smells and sounds.

It gets along well with pets, when kept in the village it is not seen as a shameful habit to drive chickens or geese. But the owner is always responsible for the upbringing of any animal. If you praise and encourage puppies for pranks in relation to other animals, it’s not easy to retrain an adult spaniel.

Due to the innate tendency to serve, this is the best partner for active games, he will bring a ball and a wand with great pleasure. Patiently treats master’s children, loves them, can play and frolic with them, but often displays aggression towards children of others.

It lends itself well to training, accepts new teams well, for the praise of the owner, he is able to carry out various trained teams.

Merry dog ​​on the grass
Graceful Russian hunting spaniel photo in your favorite element

A big minus, the Russian spaniel does not know a feeling of satiety, he is constantly not enough. Be sure to follow the diet, do not overfeed, take time for physical activity.

For a walk, it is advisable to keep on a leash, or put on a muzzle, it is like a vacuum cleaner, sweeping away all waste on the way, unfortunately, will not miss a single garbage.

The content of the Russian hunting spaniel
Russian hunting spaniel resting outstretched paws
In the photo, the Russian hunting spaniel is thoughtfully lying

The Russian hunting spaniel is not whimsical in content, but the breed is long-haired, molt. Shedding takes place seasonally, twice a year, spring – autumn. When kept in a house with dry warm air, molting is more noticeable. But this is not a reason to keep the dog in cold and frost. Just decide if you can find the time to care for this particular spaniel.

Like any hunting breed, a Russian hunting spaniel feels better on the street, where there are a lot of interesting and understandable smells that can be studied, there are sticks that can be nibbled and will not be scolded. But most importantly, you can frolic and spend restless energy.

If you are an avid hunter and live in a small city apartment, you will definitely like the Russian hunting spaniel. The small size allows you to keep anywhere in the apartment, you can safely put it in a backpack and take it with you on a hunt.

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