Common cocker spaniel diseases
Common cocker spaniel diseases Acquired diseases of the English Cocker Spaniels arise due to malnutrition, insufficient physical activity, colds, infections. Cardiovascular diseases Dog heart problems develop due to overwork, nervous…

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Choosing a puppy.
As for the choice of a puppy, I will describe the general rules for choosing puppies, since all this applies, including American cocker spaniels: - You should not buy a…

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Beautiful Eared - Cocker Spaniel
Whatever the dog, of any size and breed, it is imperative to train obedience teams. In any case, the dog must obey his master implicitly. The size of the dog…

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About correction of aggressiveness of spaniels

Isn’t that an amazing title for an article? After all, many are sure that aggressiveness and spaniel are incompatible concepts? Have you ever seen a dog of this breed fiercely barking and rushing at people? Unlikely. Spaniels always look balanced, have a friendly character.
But still. Spaniel is, first of all, a dog. Although rare, spaniels that can be aggressive can also be found. And in this case, having met such a dog, behave calmly, not allowing chaotic movements. It’s better to get around it and not touch it, but you can try to completely ignore it.

So, it doesn’t matter if you have a spaniel, or a pincher, or a shepherd, but the essence of the problem is always the same – how to correct the aggressive behavior of the dog? Continue reading

The content of the Russian hunting spaniel

The Russian hunting spaniel is not whimsical in content, but the breed is long-haired, molt. Shedding takes place seasonally, twice a year, spring – autumn. When kept in a house with dry warm air, molting is more noticeable. But this is not a reason to keep the dog in cold and frost. Just decide if you can find the time to care for this particular spaniel.

Like any hunting breed, a Russian hunting spaniel feels better on the street, where there are a lot of interesting and understandable smells that can be studied, there are sticks that can be nibbled and will not be scolded. But most importantly, you can frolic and spend restless energy. Continue reading

The color of the Russian hunting spaniel

One-color (solid) color (completely without white marks, or with marks in clearly defined places – on the forehead, muzzle, throat, chest, stomach, legs, tail end).

Black (wool is smooth, straight)
Brown, chocolate (manifested in the absence of black pigment. Eyes and nose are brown. The coat is thick, long, soft. A dense cap is often formed on the head, on the back and extremities thick and dense)
Red (color from light fawn to dark red. Nose – black, brown; eyes dark brown.
Minuses: flesh nose, very light, almost yellow eyes)

Two-tone (piebald) color: Continue reading

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Small dog of a hunting breed.
The American Cocker Spaniel is a direct descendant of the English Cocker Spaniel and first appeared in the 18th century in America. At that time, the cocker breed was divided…


About correction of aggressiveness of spaniels
Isn't that an amazing title for an article? After all, many are sure that aggressiveness and spaniel are incompatible concepts? Have you ever seen a dog of this breed fiercely…


English Cocker Spaniel Content
Content - these dogs are not whimsical at all. Naturally, cockers can not tolerate severe frosts on an ongoing basis, however, they can winter in a warm and comfortable booth.…


Can a dog find a way home
Even if the dog walks with the owner, who leads her on a leash, or runs on a limited territory herself, she can easily find her way home within the…