The right diet for the English Cocker Spaniel
Feeding the English Cocker Spaniel is not very different from feeding dogs of other breeds. First you need to establish the amount of food based on the weight and height…

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How to understand a dog’s language
Due to the fact that dogs cannot speak, misunderstandings often arise between them and the owners. But, nevertheless, animals are not dumb creatures, they are able to make a lot…

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Maintenance and care.
Dogs require some care, it should be understood that this breed of dog will not be able to live on the street, as they are quite demanding on the temperature…

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Hunting breed

Since the cocker spaniel was originally considered a hunting dog, its relevant qualities are not neglected now. But no matter how talented your favorite by nature is, you need to train him. First, these are the basic commands for obedience education (serving, standing, standing up, etc.)

Training should be consistent and carried out daily. Act with a dog you need to gently, but decisively. First, dogs are taught to work in the right range, training on pigeons, then you need to train with other birds so that the dog “learns” different smells. Gradually, the English Cocker Spaniel will learn to drive the birds and return in time, the dog will develop an instinct to pursue the game until it is caught, or until it is completely lost from sight. Continue reading

Choosing a puppy.

As for the choice of a puppy, I will describe the general rules for choosing puppies, since all this applies, including American cocker spaniels:

– You should not buy a puppy in the market, as purebred dogs are simply not there. Owners of pedigree dogs will never sell them in the markets, because when selling through clubs, firstly, they will receive much more money, and secondly, by selling pedigree puppies, responsible owners monitor his fate.

Of course, if the dog is not completely purebred, this does not mean that it will be a bad friend and companion – it will certainly be if you love and take care of it. But you have to forget about a professional career. Continue reading


The coat is straight, silky, never stiff, and also not curly, with suspensions of sufficient length on all four limbs (on the back to the hock), not too plentiful and formed by straight hair.
The most diverse. In monochromatic only a white spot on the chest is allowed.


On the head – the coat is short, thin; on the body – a straight, tight-fitting or slightly raised, silky to the touch, medium length, with undercoat sufficient to maintain temperature and provide protection from environmental influences. Continue reading

American Cocker Spaniel Character
The American Cocker Spaniel is always enthusiastic. These are very obedient and friendly dogs, filled with joy and optimism. The American Spaniel gets along well with other animals, both with…


The history of the breed.
The history of the American Cocker Spaniel is common with other breeds of spaniels, since at an early stage they were all the same dogs, for those who did not…


How to treat liver in a spaniel
In connection with the rapid development of medicine and the expansion of the ability to diagnose diseases of internal organs in animals, it turned out that liver diseases are very…


Russian hunting spaniel
Russian Spaniel is a medium sized hunting dog breed. Their close relatives are the English Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel. A great helper when hunting for waterfowl. His…